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I’ve always had a strong connection with the natural world so camping is the metaphor I choose to share these high quality resources.
I only recommend programs I’ve actually attended, books I’ve read, blogs I follow or people I know personally.
Each has sparked inspiration and launched some aspect of transformation in my own life.


represents what we decide to carry with us. Because we can only carry so much at one time, it also represents what we consciously decide to leave behind.

Resource: An interesting perspective by blogger Peter Messerschmidt, who has been writing for years about his personal experiences as a sensitive person – entitled ‘HSPs and the Challenges of Ambition and Achievement’.


represents our inner navigation system, our True North; finding and following our life purpose.

Resource: Soul Mission * Life Vision is a ground-breaking guidebook to knowing and fulfilling your life’s purpose. It is the owner’s manual you never received when you entered this world. Written by one of my mentors, Alan Seale, it is a must read for those of you seeking higher purpose.


represents emotional intensity, our deep connection, strong empathy and loving compassion for ourselves and others.

Resource: Once I began to research the meaning of the term ’empath’, I knew immediately it applied to me: a person who is able to have a direct experience of another’s emotions or physical sensations. This had been such a challenge in my life until I stumbled across The Book of Storms, an amazing online tutorial created by Jad Alexander that teaches us to viewing empathy as a language.


represents those life choices which feed our soul and make our hearts sing.

Resource:  ‘Thrill – The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person’ by Dr. Tracy Cooper explores how to embody both your need for new and novel experiences combined with your need to pause and think it through.


represents our inner spark, the igniting of our personal torch.

Resource: After attending an HSP Gathering Retreat in 2014, it ignited my passion for service to highly sensitive people. Co-created by Jacquelyn Strickland and Elaine Aron, these retreats are a must-do experience for any sensitive person wanting to connect deeply with who they are and rise up to make a difference in their corner of the world.


represents our lifeline, a strong inner anchor which allows us to climb and grow.

Resource: ‘Creating a New Generation of Compassionate and Sensitive Men’ is an amazing article by Dr. Ted Zeff, one of the leading experts on high sensitivity and passionate writer about supporting sensitive boys and men.

Sleeping Bag…

represents our crucial need for rest, for reflection, and attention to our unique self-care routine.

Resource: After reading Dave Markowitz’s book, ‘Self Care for the Self Aware’, I gained a whole new perspective that set me on a path to creating a personalized self-care plan.


represents our inner and outer sacred space; our authentic self shining out whether in public or private settings.

Resource: ‘Why we Fear Being Authentic’, a blog post by yours truly:)

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