The Journey to Sensitive Wholeness begins by asking, ‘what do I need to thrive?’

Often we find ourselves unconsciously ‘falling into’ relationships and situations, not taking time to examine if they’re the right fit. Many HSPs willingly sacrifice for others, almost like a badge of honor. Give endlessly to our loved ones, volunteer for that extra thing at work, say yes to projects and responsibilities even when we know it’s not in our best interest. We tell ourselves we’re being in loving service to others and that can be true.

The question is: are you being in loving service to yourself?

You might think, I’ve spent years sacrificing my needs for others — I don’t even know how to put myself first. Or perhaps you flash back to a relationship where the other person was extremely self-centered. You’ll never become like that!

I understand. But there’s a middle ground.

When you recognize in almost every situation, you have choices – everything changes.

No longer feeling like the world is ‘happening to you’, but instead you have the power to shape your reality by what you choose to think, believe and take action on. Contemplate for a moment if everything in your life was consciously chosen to support your sensitive needs? Your home life, your career, your friendships? It is possible.

I cordially invite you to join a unique program that combines individual coaching with a live group program – the best of both worlds!

Focus on two crucial areas: your relationship with self and your relationships with others. Customize your supportive life, while also connecting with other like-minded souls.