As I attempt to put into words the transformation I’ve experienced in my life, the tears began to flow. Understand they are not tears of sadness, but instead the expression of deep joy. Reflecting upon the incredible sensitive person I’ve always been. Celebrating how my sensitivity meaningfully connects me to my own inner self, to others, to my life calling.

Sure, I’ve made mistakes or let me reframe, I made certain choices which brought less than desirable consequences.

I internalized those learnings, course corrected and moved forward again. Steering my ship, sometimes under the burning sun, occasionally in the fog and under the light of a thousand stars. And those moments of clarity when I’ve stepped boldly into my own personal power. Recognizing I’ve always been Powerfully Sensitive.

You too, have always been Powerfully Sensitive.

Being an HSP is the antithesis of weakness, on the contrary, being born more tuned in to everything requires a deep well of strength. Most HSPs have an internal pulse, a background rhythm that sets us on a lifelong quest for greater meaning. Over time, your drum beat grows louder and louder until it will not be contained! You must step forward, old fears giving way to new anticipation.

Powerfully Sensitive concentrates on three key aspects of your life:

  • Relationship with Self
  • Relationships with Others
  • Deeper Meaning, Your Fundamental Reason for Being

Relationship with Self

Explored through 26 individual coaching sessions

You’ve likely already engaged in many personal growth experiences and deep inner work which set the foundation for this next year of your life. Together, we’ll explore your core essence, connecting you to limitless potential.

Sessions 1 – 2: Releasing the Weight of Expectations
Sessions 4-6: Reframing Perfectionism, Avoidance and Procrastination
Sessions 7-11: Creating a Radical Self Care Plan
Sessions 12-14: Your Sensitive Sanctuary
Sessions 15-16: Finding Your Unique Voice
Sessions 17-18: Stepping Into Your Personal Power
Sessions 19-20: Setting Off on Your Authentic Path

Sessions 21-26 will focus on topics chosen by you, customized for your needs.

Relationships with Others

Explored through 12 group coaching sessions

Being Powerfully Sensitive does not happen alone. Throughout your life, various people have entered and exited, each playing a crucial role in your growth and development. Each month, we connect as a Powerfully Sensitive community to dive deep into our relationship toolkit.

Session 1: Viewing Relationship as Growth Opportunity
Session 2-3: Creative Conflict Solving
Session 4-5: Forgiveness and Compassion
Session 6: Holding Space for Authenticity
Session 7: Negotiating Alone and Together Time
Session 8: Asking For Help From Your Support Network
Session 9: Paying it Forward in Higher Service to Others
Sessions 10-12: Relationship Topics Chosen by the Group

Capstone Experience
Create Your Own Soul Retreat

Pre-planned retreats can be amazing, except someone else picks the location, the agenda and the other participants. A soul retreat is different. We’ll uncover that place you’ve always wanted to visit or that one thing you’ve been longing to try. Give yourself permission to take the plunge!

Some years ago, I embarked on a solo backpacking trip to Oregon to reconnect with my childhood home. I climbed a mountain on my birthday and cooked a steak over a campfire on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. I planned this for myself after the dissolution of a dysfunctional marriage. I needed to be alone, self-reliant, and forge my own path.

Last year, I backpacked into Texas hill country with the love of my life, relying on each other for food, water, safety and support. Day two, water ran low so we hiked 4 hours to the ranger station to fill our jugs. Something shifted as I realized many in our world walk miles daily in search of clean water. This inspired me to commit 10% profits from Sensitive Journey to support organizations meeting basic human needs.

We’ll customize a retreat to renew your soul. Hold a ceremony as you depart and celebrate your return, forever transformed!

Life Long Value of Coaching

I invite you to embark on a year-long journey of transformation; to reconnect with the personal power that’s been inside you all along.

When the idea of launching a year-long transformative coaching program came to me, I have to admit I was pretty nervous. I wondered, would anyone commit to that length of time? Then I realized several of my clients had been participating in multiple coaching programs, which extended over a year anyway. I was witnessing their dramatic transformation as we journeyed through the months together. I too, have committed to several 1-2 year personal growth programs which turned out to be life-changing.

I believe in the power of a deep dive, I’ve noticed sensitive people in particular need time to integrate what we’ve learned over a longer period of time. We use our powerful depth of processing to connect current learning with past experiences. Powerfully Sensitive provides space and time to do just that.

The purpose of coaching is to become aware of your current habits, beliefs, thought patterns and skills – then partner to build a vision for what’s next. You learn to navigate life from an empowered state, becoming proactive rather than reactive. Dive deeper into your intuitive knowing. Understand that everything happens in its right timing. Sometimes you’ll be called to take action or conversely, to let go and trust.

Powerfully Sensitive is the right fit if you’re ready to:

  • Accept the only person you can change, is you
  • Honor sensitivity as your greatest strength
  • Take responsibility for getting your own needs met
  • Summon the courage to speak your truth
  • Show up authentically, even when others do not understand you
  • Engage in radical self-care to bring your best out into the world
  • Learn and grow into new, affirming life patterns
  • Choose healthy, loving and reciprocal relationships
  • Discover and express your unique gifts and abilities
  • Set off unapologetically on your own life path
  • Create your unique toolkit that enables you to coach yourself
  • Pay it forward by being in service to others

Anything worth doing, is worth doing thoroughly, consciously and with intention. I’m accepting a limited number of coaching partners, let’s have a powerful conversation to explore the potential for your next year.

Program Details

Registration Deadline: January 1, 2018

Individual Coaching: Begin Now
First Group Coaching Call – January 30, 2018

26 – 1 hr. individual coaching sessions (bi-weekly, phone or online)
12 – 1.5 hrs. group coaching sessions (online on free Zoom app)
Capstone Experience: Create Your Own Soul Retreat
Private Facebook group to connect with other participants
Practical life tool to take away from each session

12 payments of $399 or $4300 paid in full (10% discount)

Participants are responsible for all additional expenses related to completing the capstone experience. Let’s talk if a different payment arrangement will make it possible for you to participate.

Clients share a bit about their transformative experience:

‘Participating in your online group coaching has helped to dissipate my sense of isolation. The reason I mention this is twofold. One, I’ve been able to interact in a community of other sensitive souls, hearing and seeing real people who are on the same journey as me. And, two, hearing another person’s use of tools (in their toolbox) helps me. Hearing it as part of their experiences and not as advice, comes in handy, too.’

‘Coaching has been extremely helpful to help me hone in on where I wanted to focus already. When you focus on yourself, you can grow with no limitations. It’s more intense, like razor-focus. You have to prepare and be ready for it…’

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