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'An Open Letter to Highly Sensitive People'

There is a place of great honor for highly sensitive people, a vital role for the 20% of humanity who are created this way. This letter is an open invitation for sensitive people to begin the vital work of inner healing, to release past wounds. To emerge into wholeness and step forward into empowerment ...


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If you live in or are visiting the greater DFW area, consider attending a live event with our Meetup community. Even if you are not close, we will be launching online workshops in 2017!
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Three Thresholds to Authenticity

Tired of shifting and bending yourself to meet others’ expectations? It’s time to live according to your own principles and give yourself permission to show up unapologetically you…

April 25 – June 6, 2017
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Nurturing Your Tribe

Now that you’ve found your tribe – what then? Nurturing the healthy relationships in our lives takes commitment, communication and practical skills…

Sept. 26 – Nov. 7, 2017
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