One day, we will live in a world that honors a sensitive way of being.

First, we must learn to honor ourselves.

Honor can be defined as ‘holding oneself in deep respect or high esteem.’

Why is this so important for highly sensitive people?

Until we learned about our trait, for years many of us felt out of place, misunderstood or even ridiculed. We might have thought something was wrong with us or tried to bend ourselves to fit societal expectations. Knowing that we were created this way, being tuned into the subtleties of life is actually a gift and not only that, but sensitivity is actually our greatest strength!

Honor takes on a whole new meaning when you realize you’re exactly who you’re meant to be…

Taking the time to find the right life coach, especially as an HSP, is absolutely essential. Before you select someone, I highly encourage you to research, watch their videos, read their blogs or newsletters, and sign up for a complimentary session to see how they interact – really get a strong sense of their philosophy in working with clients.

Ask, ‘What experience do you have with coaching HSPs or empaths?’ It’s important to have a ‘knowing’ that you made the right choice.

Coaching is the right fit if you are ready to take action to create the life you deserve. A great coach will help you to access the inner strength and wisdom you already possess.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Coaching in Partnership

The single most important thing I do as your coach is to create a safe, sacred space. Our participation embodies respect, with mutual agreements about how we treat each other and clarity around who is responsible for what.

I am responsible for:

  • Listening at a deep level: hearing what is said and also what is not said
  • Being unconditional; I accept you for exactly who you are in every moment
  • Ensuring we are always recognizing and celebrating your forward progress
  • Revealing blocks, limiting beliefs or blind spots that are holding you back
  • Encouraging you to step beyond your comfort zone, where true growth happens

I ask you to be responsible for:

  • Showing up even on the hard days, especially when you want to quit
  • Speaking your truth and showing up authentically
  • Moving beyond the roles of ‘critic’ or ‘victim’ or ‘rescuer’
  • Honoring your gifts, giving yourself credit, falling in love with you
  • Creating and living a bigger vision than you ever thought possible

My Philosophy on Integrity

I’ve been in the business world a long time, as the vice president for a nonprofit organization, handled million dollar portfolios for a large corporation, employed by a small business and I’m now the founder of Sensitive Journey. No matter where my career has taken me, I’ve followed a strong set of guiding principles:

  • First and foremost, I am here to be of service to others.
  • Partnership is created through building trust, respect and continuously showing up for my clients day after day.
  • Always tell the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable to say or hear.
  • Listen first to understand another’s point of view.
  • Every person has something important to contribute, no matter their position, age or experience.
  • Decisions should be made with long-term sustainability in mind.
  • I will not use marketing tactics to create a sense of fear, of missing out, scarcity or pressure.
  • Ask questions to see what I’m offering is the right fit. If not, I will happily refer you to someone I know and trust.

I have chosen the business structure of a social enterprise – designed to improve human and environmental well-being. I am also in the 2 year process of pursuing B-Corp (benefit corporation) a rigorous certification to meet standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

10% of annual net profits from Sensitive Journey programs will be donated to support organizations that move us closer to meeting the basic needs of all people on our planet: access to clean water, healthy food, sustainable shelter and life-long education.

Who am I?

That’s the age-old question, right?

Founder & Coach

I have mentored hundreds of people throughout the years and led over 30 workshops on the trait of sensitivity, these past experiences have prepared me to step fully into my calling as a life coach for highly sensitive people. Moving beyond one-time workshops, I am committed to offering experiences for HSPs who wish to engage more deeply in their own inner work. Experiencing a transformation at the fundamental level of being.

I act as a truth-guide, a support system as you explore your personal life lessons. I champion your success and help you to hold yourself accountable to forward progress.

Founder & Leader

Honoring Sensitivity Community in Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas

When I first learned I was a highly sensitive person, it was illuminating! Suddenly I was able to glance back in my past and reframe so many experiences. My first thought was, ‘I want to meet others like myself.’ After searching for a local group with no success, my best friend encouraged me to create our own local HSP community on In the first week, 25 people signed up and I realized this trait is real.

Several years later, having grown our community to 400+ members and facilitated over 30 group workshops, I’ve learned a great deal about our trait and realized it is my life calling to help sensitive people to honor their unique gifts and abilities.


HSP-DFW Leadership Team

Each year, I invited six engaged members of our local HSP community to step forward into greater leadership within the group. I facilitated bi-monthly meetings where we worked together to support a community which has now grown to over 400 members. Through the process of consulting, leading workshops, helping other members feel welcome, planning social activities, and heading up Advisory Councils, our Leadership Team learned more about themselves, grew as individuals and connected with their tribe.

Center for Transformational Presence

Leadership & Coach Training
Global Summit
Company Development Program

After deciding that developing coaching experiences for sensitive people is my calling, I took quite a bit of time to research and decide upon the right coaching training program – one that would align with my personal and professional philosophy. After watching videos, reading his books and researching, I chose Alan Seale, Founder for the Center for Transformational Presence. My own learning and respect grows each time I connect with his programs and ongoing coaching support system. His deep wisdom, connection to Spirit and ability to hold space for others’ highest growth and learning has become a role model for my own work.

I invite you to connect with Alan’s wisdom at Transformational Presence.


Elements of Coaching Program

After researching Christina Berkeley and her coaching methodology, I signed up for her ‘Elements’ coaching seminar. Well worth the investment, as an experienced coach, Christina holds space for her clients highest good and teaches other coaches to do the same.

Vice President & COO

Girls Incorporated of Indianapolis

Girls Incorporated is where I cut my teeth as a coach, before I even knew I was a life coach. For a decade, I mentored girls and young women to be strong, smart and bold while I embodied those qualities myself! I coached and mentored volunteers, interns and staff members. I created a state-wide training program for teachers and youth workers. I stepped fully into leadership as the Vice President & COO. Everything in my past has prepared me to be right here, right now.

Dive Deeper…

I invite you to explore how I show up as a coach
by scheduling a deep, meaningful conversation.
We’ll create a safe space together to discuss if
Sensitive Journey is the right fit for you…

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