Three Thresholds to Authenticity

Answering the Age-Old Question: Who Am I?

What would happen if you decided to be unapologetically you?

Highly sensitive people are often challenged by many of the same issues:

  • We may not feel understood or accepted by others.
  • We worry if we show vulnerability, others will see us as weak.
  • If I speak for my needs, will I be ridiculed or ostracized?
  • Why does it seem like I never fit in?

I created this program because I used to have the same questions…

For many years, I constantly shifted my colors like a chameleon trying meet other people’s expectations. It was quite simply exhausting. Worrying about whether I fit in, whether I was doing or saying the ‘right’ thing – while at the same time living this incredibly rich, imaginative and original life inside my head. When I finally set an affirmation ‘to release attachment to the praise and criticism of others’, everything changed for me.

I experienced the freedom of aligning my inside world with my outside world.

The Three Thresholds group coaching experience explores how you too can move towards greater alignment, freedom and authenticity. Together we create a safe, accepting environment for you to show up as exactly who you are. We meet weekly to provide support, encouragement and growth on your path to full authenticity. We explore the freedom that is possible when you decide to no longer conform to others’ expectations.

Three Thresholds empowers you to live by your own principles.

We start each session with a moment of quiet, encouraging you to let go of the outer world and concentrate on ‘me time.’ We then review last week’s topic, sharing what’s come up – you will not only learn from your own self-exploration, but also from the experiences of others.

At the end of each session, each participant is invited to create his/her own ‘action step’. A powerful way for you to hold yourself accountable for being authentic out in the world.

Weekly Program Topics: (expand for more detail)

Meeting 1: Reframing in Light of Your Sensitivity

What if you were able to glance back and look at some of your past experiences in light of your sensitive trait? Might you be able to see why you made certain decisions or why you reacted to others? What healing could take place if you realized that you have always been exactly who you were meant to be?

Meeting 2: Being Self-Observant, Not Self-Critical

We all have that nagging inner voice, that I call the ‘inner critic’. It tells us we are not smart enough or didn’t do it right or we should be more like… What if you could step back into a wisdom perspective, thank your inner critic for its observations, but not take on the hurt that self-criticism often brings?

Meeting 3: Masks and Chameleons

Because HSPs are so aware of others, on both a conscious and subconscious level, we can often find ourselves shifting and flexing to fit in. Perhaps in certain circumstances, we may don a particular mask, a persona to help us ‘get along’. Constantly changing how we show up is exhausting, this week we discuss how to show up from a more authentic expression.

Meeting 4: Releasing the Weight of Expectation

You remember the mythical figure of Atlas, the man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders? HSPs often choose to carry way more than we should. We see a problem and want to find the solution, we see someone hurting and want to help heal. Our empathy is a strength, but taking on too much means that we end up with nothing to give. Learn how to prioritize what you choose to carry and what you choose to leave behind.

Meeting 5: Perfectionism, Avoidance & Procrastination

Striving for perfection – one of the most challenging things for sensitive people to overcome. We see every detail, we hear every imperfection, we never want to put something out there that isn’t our best work. So, we edit and edit and edit. Or, we procrastinate because we don’t believe it will ever be good enough, so why even start?

And you know that one item that’s been sitting at the top of your to-do list forever but somehow you always find something else to take its place? Why do we build some things up to feel so enormous in our mind? Usually when we finally get around to it, we find out it wasn’t as bad as we thought…

Meeting 6: Your Personal Power

Many sensitive people look around our society and understandably have a negative viewpoint on the concept of ‘power.’ We see it being used to manipulate, to control, to gain advantage over others. What if we could develop a new meaning for ‘sensitive power’? Where we show up as confident, assertive and empathetic? Where we put people first, we speak our truth, we stand on our principles?

Meeting 7: Creating a Statement of Life Principles

In our final session, we briefly review the journey of the past 7 weeks and each participant is invited to create a Statement of Life Principles – an affirmation of your growth, your vision, how you want to show up. Each statement will be unique and all will be honored.

What will you receive from this program?

  • Connect with other sensitive people who understand and accept you
  • Practice speaking your truth and being heard
  • Learn to honor your unique gifts, talents and abilities
  • Set and keep your own accountability goals
  • 7 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Accountability Worksheet (emailed in advance so you can prepare)
  • Access to private Facebook group to connect with other Sensitive Journey clients

What do I ask you to commit?

  • Set aside time in your schedule to attend each session, as this is a live experience
  • Actively participate and be responsible for the energy you bring to the group
  • Create powerful action steps and hold yourself accountable
  • Be a supporter for other participants, not a ‘fixer’ – everyone’s responsible for their own journey
  • Have fun, enjoy connecting with like-minded souls, celebrate yourself and others

What to Expect from Group Coaching?

After leading over 30 group programs for highly sensitive people; I’ve witnessed firsthand the amazing connection that happens between participants. The giant sigh of relief when you just put yourself out there, got vulnerable and hear other people affirming they have the same experiences.

You realize, wow I’m not alone!

It is natural to feel nervous as you log on to the first group session, but this quickly fades as I set the tone for our tribe to feel accepted, to share openly and to connect deeply with each other. At the beginning of the program, we develop a set of mutual agreements that clearly express how we will treat and support each other.

We begin the session with a free app for your computer, tablet or phone that features both audio and video; greeting each other face to face fosters deeper connection. As we move into the personal work, I invite you to turn off the video feature to reduce distractions and allow you to focus in private on your own learning and growth. On some days, you may feel like sharing more, on other days less. My responsibility as your coach is to balance the needs of each individual participant and the learning of the whole group.

We are all unique individuals, but as sensitive people we share so many similarities. You will learn as much from this mutual experience as you do through your own self-exploration. Through our supportive groups, you will find your voice, your inner strength, and encourage your fellow ‘tribe’ members to do the same.

Program Details:

April 25 – June 6, 2017
7 Tuesdays in a row, from 6:30-8PM (CST)

Enrolling until April 20:
$149.00 (3 monthly payments) or $405.00 paid in full (10% discount)

Clients are enrolled in my coaching programs by application. I ask questions to help you gain clarity about where you are right now and what you want to accomplish through our coaching partnership. Once I receive your application, I follow up within 24 hours to schedule a short phone call to get to know each other and explore if this program is the right fit.

Are you ready to let go of others’ expectations and truly be yourself?

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