One day, we will live in a world that
a sensitive way of being.
First, we must learn to honor ourselves.

Perhaps you heard, ‘you’re too sensitive’ or ‘don’t overthink it’ or ‘why are you so emotional?’ You might have even internalized those messages, wondering if they were right. You may have tried to fit in, which led to even more frustration and hurt.

Because of feeling different, you may have formed thick walls of protection around you. For a while, walls seemed to be the right choice: close yourself off to avoid getting hurt or being exposed. However, something inside you is calling out to emerge, to heal, be free, acknowledge your gifts and share them with others. You’re ready to embark on the inner work to move you forward into the next, powerful stage of life.

After leading over 35 programs on sensitivity, I’ve observed three distinct stages most sensitive people travel to step into their personal power:

Newly Sensitive
Sensitive Wholeness
Powerfully Sensitive

No matter which stage you’re currently in, I invite you to discover your own personal toolkit. A unique set of skills and awareness to enhance your relationship with self, relationships with others and uncover the deeper meaning for your life.




‘Being Newly Sensitive can feel like being born out into the world a second time. Or perhaps the seventeenth time, if you’re already on a path of deep, inner personal development. Everything feels strange, confusing and a bit blurry. You’re just trying to get your bearings again, to find a foundation for understanding who you are through the lens of this new discovery.

I’ve yet to meet anyone whose life was not affected in some profound way by this new knowledge. Many things you thought you knew about yourself may now undergo a dramatic shift. Some of your discoveries will be joyous and uplifting, while others may take you on a journey into the shadow self — those parts where you’ve been holding onto shame or guilt or past wounds. Be gentle with yourself as you traverse this new terrain, and remember, there’s no deadline for your own exploration and healing.

In every program I’ve led for highly sensitive people, invariably someone always laments, ‘Why didn’t I find out about this trait sooner? My life would have been so different!’ Rest assured, this knowledge appeared to you at exactly the right time. Everything you’ve learned, experienced, struggled with and triumphed over prepared you to be right here, right now…’

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Sensitive Wholeness Coaching

Contemplate for a moment, what might be possible in your life if everything supported your sensitivity? What if you deliberately chose your home environment, significant relationships, health, career and all other aspects of your life to energize and uplift you?

Without being able to see the whole picture, regaining your sensitive wholeness can feel overwhelming. How in the world do you balance everything? Relationships, career, health, alone time, self-care, finding the right environments and people who support and accept you? Healing from past hurts, or transforming old life patterns?

When you recognize in almost every situation, you have choices – everything changes. No longer feeling like the world is ‘happening to you’, but instead you have the power to shape your reality by what you choose to think, believe and take action on.

Program Begins January 16, 2018
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Powerfully Sensitive Coaching

Being an HSP is the antithesis of weakness, on the contrary, being born with a wide-open nervous system requires a deep well of strength. Many HSPs have an internal pulse, a background rhythm that sets us on a lifelong quest for greater meaning. Over time, your drum beat grows louder and louder until it will not be contained! You must step forward, old fears giving way to new anticipation…

Powerfully Sensitive concentrates on three key aspects of your life:

  • Relationship with Self
  • Relationships with Others
  • Deeper Meaning, Your Fundamental Reason for Being

I invite you to embark on a year-long journey of transformation; to reconnect with the personal power that’s been inside you all along.

Program Begins January 30, 2018
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