One day, we will live in a world that
a sensitive way of being.
First, we must learn to honor ourselves.

Perhaps you heard, ‘you’re too sensitive’ or ‘don’t overthink it’ or ‘why are you so emotional?’
You might have even internalized those messages, wondering if they were right.
You may have tried to fit in, which led to even more frustration and hurt.

Because of feeling different, you may have formed thick walls of protection around you. For a while, walls seemed to be the right choice: close yourself off to avoid getting hurt or being exposed. But now something inside you is calling out to emerge, to heal, be free, acknowledge your gifts and share them with others. You’re ready to embark on the inner work to move you forward into the next, powerful stage of life.

Three Stages of the Sensitive Journey

After working closely with hundreds of highly sensitive people, I’ve observed three, distinct stages of our journey towards personal empowerment. Sometimes they occur in a linear fashion or we might spiral back around as we seek answers to the fundamental question: ‘Who Am I?’

Newly SensitiveTM
Perhaps you just discovered our trait and are looking back to reframe your past through this new lens of understanding. You’ll gain incredible insights and may even work to release long-standing hurts related to your sensitivity. Be gentle with yourself as you traverse this new terrain, and remember, there is no deadline for your own exploration and healing.

Sensitive WholenessTM
You might find yourself taking a deep dive, reading all the research and on a path to improve your relationship with self (our most important relationship, after all). You’ll also be drawn to choose healthy, loving and reciprocal relationships with others. It’s very common in this stage to make crucial and sometimes challenging life changes to support your sensitive needs.

Powerfully SensitiveTM
Are you ready to live authentically, trust your inner knowing and fully express your unique gifts? You might be asking, why am I here? What do I have to contribute, what’s my life purpose? This stage is all about stepping forward with courage into your own definition of personal power.

Remember, there’s no better or worse part of the journey,
only where you are right now.


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