One day, we will live in a world that
a sensitive way of being.
First, we must learn to honor ourselves.

Have you ever felt misunderstood, like the oddball or weirdo but didn’t know why?

Perhaps people in your life said, ‘you’re too sensitive’ or ‘don’t overthink it’ or ‘why are you so emotional?’ You might have even internalized those messages, wondering if they were right. You may have tried to fit in with societal norms but it never really seemed authentic, just led to even more frustration and hurt.

Because of this feeling of disconnection and separation from others, you may have formed thick walls of protection around you. For a while, walls seemed to be the right choice: close yourself off to avoid getting hurt or being exposed. But now something inside you is calling out to be free, to heal, to emerge, to acknowledge your gifts and share them with others. You’re ready to embark on the inner work to move you forward into the next, powerful stage of your life.

What’s my gift to you? I hold a safe and sacred space for highly sensitive people to break down their walls and step confidently into their personal power.

My solutions are centered around 7 core principles:

  • Learning about our sensitive trait empowers us; it’s our greatest strength
  • Sensitive people need our ‘tribe’, a small group of people with whom we can be completely authentic
  • You have an endless well of inner wisdom from which you’re able to draw at any time
  • Your voice, your truth and your intuitive knowing matters: trust yourself
  • Stepping into your personal power requires courage and faith; it’s a journey worth taking
  • Each of us is here to express a deeper meaning for our life, our unique soul mission
  • In order for our world to honor a more sensitive way of being, we must first learn to honor ourselves

After facilitating over 30 different group programs, I’ve witnessed the amazing connection that happens between like-minded souls. The giant sigh of relief when you just summoned the courage to share and are so relieved to hear others say, ‘me too’. You realize, I’m not alone!

If you’ve been isolated behind walls for some time, I invite you to take this opportunity to connect with a open-minded, compassionate, sensitive community.

I invite you to walk this journey
with others who understand and accept you


LifeShift – Personalized Coaching

When we feel the strong pull of change, at some point we quite simply have no choice but to step forward in faith. You and I partner to discover your personalized, real-world toolkit – skills and tools you can take forward and put immediately into practice…

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Nurturing Your Tribe – Group Coaching

Now that you’ve found your tribe – what’s next? Nurturing healthy relationships takes commitment, communication and practical skills…

Sept. 26 – Nov. 7, 2017

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